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JT has always enjoyed various genres in the world of music. Blessed to have traveled the U.S.A as a military officer dependent. It allowed her to listen to various styles of music while growing up.  JT almost had the opportunity to experience music in Europe during her younger life. Her Dad accepted orders to Texas and not Germany. His opportunity to accept orders to Germany again and to become a One Star Army General was after JT's H.S. graduation. But as the universe would have it, she met one of her best sister-friend from Germany in Texas. And JT got to enjoy the music out of Europe!  And she realized that music is an universal language to enjoy!  

JT's love for music, her business experience and success in retail management, Dept. of Justice Manufacture Account Representative, National Accounts/Hospital Accounts Manufacture Representative, Fortune 500 Medical Consultant, Sports Management Events Director and the Rhythm Method Band led her to what she loves to do today. 

"Merging JT's business experience and love for music is an exciting business venture for her.  She enjoys working with top tier professional music talents that offer a wonderful music experience and giving the client what they need."   

She appreciates the opportunity to work with music talents who are Independent Artists, Songwriters, Producers, Tribute Performers, International Performers, and Top Talent Band Performers. Working with these music talents allows JT to offer outstanding Live Music Entertainment that will seamlessly enhance events. And every music talent empowers NTopShape Entertainment to offer top value and great performance costs!  

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Present NTopShape Entertainment at your next search meeting for Live Music Entertainment. We will offer what you need to enhance your next special social event.  The music talents come together to form a powerhouse musical ensemble.  Exceeding the clients expectation drives every Live Entertainment opportunity for NTopShape Entertainment. 

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  Thank you for visiting our NTopShape Live Entertainment business platform. We care about every implementation of music delivered for an event.   We are a music entertainment designer that will seamlessly enhance an event with wonderful lasting memories.  We enjoy preparing and producing live entertainment for our clients.  Our NTopShape Entertainment Team Point of Contact (POC) will work with the client.  We enter into a trustworthy business relationship and we know exactly what the client wants for the event. Our music journey has allowed us to offer outstanding professional music talents for the client's event success.  We pride ourselves with integrity, respect and responsiveness as we mirror our clients. These are the High Standards of NTopShape Entertainment.  Moreover, offer top tier professional music talents that offers top value and top quality entertainment.  


  The Top Tier Band performers and or Artists will create wonderful lasting music memories for every event.  We create a festive social moment for the guests to enjoy. Tell us about your event. (Is there a Party Theme?)  You are at the right place with us! We provide services for Weddings, Receptions, Galas, Corporate Socials, Premier Events, and more.  Just let us know the genres and we will design a great musical show for the event. 

  Most of our professional music talents have shared the stage with national and or international artists on their music journey.  And our American Independent (Indie) Artists are known as Singers/Musicians/Songwriters/

Composers/Producers will join our music platform and its a wonderful experience. Every client will enjoy top professional music talents. The music talents come together to form a powerhouse musical ensemble.

  We work directly with bands who perform 60s, 70s, 80, 90s, 2K and up to current cover music. The genres are Classical Italian, Instrumental Movie Scores, Tributes, R&B, Motown, Funk, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Latin Jazz Fusion, Smooth Jazz, Classical Jazz,Pop/Country and more.  The entertainment is supported by a professional Sound Engineer and State of the Art Technology Sound Production. We work well with the POC Hotel Management and other types of venues to insure all Live Entertainment requirements a met. We always receive a Run-of-Show for large events. Being organized and understanding the moving parts is key to a successful Live Entertainment production for every client. 

  The best compliment from our wonderful clients are to receive referrals. And or call backs to hire our bands or artists. We are thankful and grateful to perform for our clients.   The pleasure is ours to offer great music for Live Entertainment!

The NTopShape Entertainment Team

Music is an Universal language that brings people together!