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  And thank you for visiting our NTopShape Live Entertainment business center. We care about every implementation of music delivered for an event.   We are a musical designer that will seamlessly enhance an event with wonderful lasting memories.  We enjoy preparing and producing live entertainment for our clients.  Our NTopShape Entertainment Team Point of Contact (POC) will work with the client.  We enter into a trustworthy business relationship and we know exactly what the client wants for the event. Our music journey has allowed us to offer outstanding professional music talents for the client's event success.  We pride ourselves with integrity, respect and responsiveness as we mirror our clients. These are the High Standards of NTopShape Entertainment, moreover, offer top value and top quality entertainment.  

  The Top Tier Band performers and or Artists will create wonderful lasting music memories for every event.  We create a festive social moment for the guests to enjoy. Tell us about your event and is there a party theme. Looking for favorite music to be performed, tribute music, Top 40 Hits Old School and or New music.  We provide services for Weddings, Receptions, Galas, Corporate Socials, Premier Events, and more.  Just let us know the genres and or music theme, and we will design a great musical show for the event. 

  Most of our professional music talents have shared the stage with national and or international artists on their music journey.  And our American Independent (Indie) Artists are known as Musicians/Songwriters/Composers/Producers. The singers and musicians come together to form a powerhouse musical ensemble.  We have a selection of bands that perform Classical Italian music, Instrumental Movie Scores, Tributes, R&B, Motown, Funk, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Brazilian and Latin Jazz Fusion, Pop/Country and more.  The entertainment is supported by a professional Sound Engineer and State of the Art Technology Sound Production. 

  The best compliment from our wonderful clients are to receive referrals. And or call backs to hire our bands or artists. We are thankful for our clients and grateful to perform for their guests! 

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