Hello Guests,

JT the Founder of NTopShape Entertainment enjoys various genres in the world of music. She was blessed to have traveled as an US Army Officer dependent. It gave her the opportunity to listen to various styles of music at recording artist concerts and cover bands in the USA. It is a pleasure for JT to provide Live Music Entertainment that delivers a wide selection of music for all to enjoy.   

Going to concerts and watching people have a great time or not was always fascinating to her. Understanding what moves people to connect with national artists and cover bands. She loves how Live Music Entertainment creates a vibe and synergy between people and the musicians. Moreover, musicians and vocalist(s), and sound/light production creating a spectacular mystical experience for clients. She loves that music is not about being a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. 

A Business Degree and she has gained a wealth of business knowledge and work experience. JT found success as a Medical Consultant, Business Strategic Consultant, and Management with various Fortune 500 Companies.  Moreover, she continues to engage with successful and influential business people, whom influenced her business style with clients today. 

While working on a business project in California. JT had the opportunity to meet Suzanne de Passe. It was while filming the Jackson Five Television Film Production.  Suzanne de Passe is the Co-Chair of de Passe Jones Entertainment. JT had the fortunate opportunity to meet Mrs. Jackson, Jackson Five Television cast members, and other well known celebrities as well at her home. The conversations by all were enlightening and uplifting.  JT received great advice from Mrs. Jackson and Ms. Suzanne de Passe that remain with her to this day. 

JT's business experience and with the dynamic NTopShape Entertainment Team will offer best music value cost, a wonderful music production experience, and provide outstanding service for the clients. NTopShape will stay the course to work with passionate and Top Tier professional music talents. JT and the NTopShape Entertainment Team believe that making a difference in the world is the key to their success.  

Music is an art that touches lives in many ways!

What We Do!

  • Team up with music talents who are Independent Artists, Songwriters, Producers, Tribute Performers, International Performers, and Top Tier Cover Band Performers. 

  • Offer Live Music Entertainment that will seamlessly enhance events.

  • Offer the best performance value costs for Top Tier Cover Bands and or Independent Artists.  

  • Offer outstanding customer service and it is our pleasure!

The music talents come together to form a powerhouse musical ensemble for a wonderful music experience!  

NTopShape Entertainment

A Great Music Connection!

  • Top Tier Professional Music Talents!
  • Independent Artists, Tribute Shows!
  • Seamlessly Enhance Events!
  • Magnificent Music Experience!
  • Dancing Music!
  • Listening Music!
  • Hi-Tech Pro Sound /Lighting Production!
  • Next best music show to a listed Billboard Artist!
  • Best Live Music Value Cost!
  • Exceed the client's expectation!