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NTopShape Entertainment offers top quality live music entertainment. Get your party groove on and or listen to soft music or jazz at your next spectacular event. We have a successful and great working relationships with clients ,music directors, artists, vocalists, and musicians with a team concept. It is awesome to see the musician's bring their best works collectively and devotion with their music colleagues. Allow us to design the music entertainment for the next upcoming event. Our commitment is to deliver a top quality show, music of choice and an enjoyable music experience for the client and its guests. 

The NTopShape Entertainment platform offers music that include Independent Recording Artists (Indie) and bands with top tier professional music talents. We work with American recording artists, trained professional musicians, and U.S.A and International tour musicians. Our engagement with such a broad collective of selected music talents offers next best sound of music that reflects original music. If you want to hire the Billboards listed music group but it’s not in the budget, hire NTopShape Entertainment. 

And we will present a wonderful musical show to remember. 

Our clients enjoy our 1st Class music entertainment productions. Our focus is to create a concert style music show production that will get guests dancing on the floor, and or perform listening music during a dinner, and or a reception.  Moreover, The Indie Artists and Top Tier Bands perform for a 300 and up seated concert. We offer State of the Art Technology Sound Production and Engineers to support all shows. 

Our professionalism is A+, the music entertainment offered is A+ and the most important rating is getting an A+ from our clients. 

And we are grateful and thankful for our clients who trusted our entertainment production for every event. We exceed the client’s expectations and it’s our pleasure to do so!

Let us know your choice of music and more. And we will offer an awesome live music entertainment package and will design the amazing live music entertainment for the upcoming event. Next best thing to the original artist! Book the entertainment in advance so we may present a spectacular musical show. 

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Cover Band Request: 

Want to hire a Billboard listed artists but its not in the budget? Hello, you stopped at the right place to make the right choice for a Top Tier Live Cover Band! The next best choice to an Artist. 

We offer:

  • Concert Style Shows! 
  • Top Tier Music Talent Singers & Musicians! 
  • Real Time Music!
  • Top Hits! 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Y2K to 2019 Repertoire!
  • Dance Music!
  • Listening Music!
  • Memorability!
  • Great Performance Package!
  • A Great Time!
  • NTopShape Entertainment Team!

Andre Jackson Spotlight

Congratulations to Andre Jackson for his international tour with the American Singer Glenn Leonard's Temptation Revue. The audience enjoys his performance when he performs with the Rhythm Method Band.

Kevin Jackson Spotlight

Musical Roots

Kevin Jackson

Tribute - The Artist Formerly Known As Prince RIP

Let us know if you are interested in booking Kevin Jackson for a concert. 

Kevin Jackson